What to Wear on Your Family Photoshoot


Family photographs are special moments immortalized that will be cherished for years to come. Portraits are timeless keepsakes that you will be hanging on the walls of your home and will remind you of the love you share and moments shared. You want to make sure you all look your best. Plan ahead and be meticulous about what to wear on your family photoshoot day.

Classic family portraiture had family members all wearing identical outfits in years gone by. However, in keeping in tune with modern society, today’s family portraits are about capturing not only the family but capturing the individual family members’ personalities.  Remembering the general rule that ‘one size does not fit all’ is important, as certain styles and cuts may look good on certain individuals but not on others. That is why more and more families prefer to coordinate outfits instead of wearing the same outfit. Not only does this allow them to express themselves better, but this lets them show their unique personalities shine through as well. 

Deciding on outfits for your family picture can be as challenging as finding the best photographer for your family portraits. For some, choosing an outfit on a day to day basis can be demanding enough, let alone making your whole family be styled and coordinated at the same time. You should consider the backdrop, season, as well as mood you want for your photograph. Yes, it can be a little overwhelming, but with us, we are here to help and guide families to find their style and choose their outfits! Allow us to share some fail-proof family photo outfit ideas and tips. These may help you narrow down your outfit choices, make sure these reflect your families persona as well as capture the individuals whilst blending with your backdrops.

Neutral -Plain colours

Ideally selecting one colour or its various shades or tones works best for pictures. This makes it easier for your viewers to focus on you rather than on your clothes. For contrast, wear lighter-toned clothes amid a dark environment and darker toned ones for a bright surrounding. If you are going for timeless photographs, we recommend opting for soft, neutral colours such as white, cream, blues, or grey.

While this may sound boring to some, a little creativity is what it takes to add spice! You can incorporate texture by wearing different fabric choices such as linen, lace, and wool.  You can layer with pieces of clothing with various shades or tones that go along your motif. This is a great idea, especially for outdoor as well as autumn and winter shoots!

Dress for the Season and Setting

Selecting a seasonal style particularly if you are doing an outdoor shoot is imperative.  You can’t go wrong if you dress for the time of the year and your backdrop.  Spring is the perfect season for shooting outdoors! You can take outfit inspiration from the season selecting floral patterns,  from garments, such as skirts and dresses, to accessories, is welcome. When it comes to colours, cheerful ones will make your family portraits pop! However, if your backdrop is rich in reddish or pinkish flowers, it will be best to add contrast by having your wardrobe lean on blues, whites, yellows, and tans. 

Summertime shoots, particularly using a beach as the backdrop, should be complemented with appropriate outfits. This is not the time to put on heavy coats and jumpers.  Since this season is characterized by a laid back vibe, take advantage of the pieces of cotton, denim, pretty sheers, lace, and sandals in your closet for a more casual look. In addition to the colour scheme for spring, oranges and greens are extra options. 

As mentioned, fall and winter outfits are all about layers. During autumn, earth tones, maroons, and oranges make great with scarves, boots, and plaid tops. For winter, plaid patterns also work. However, get ready to bundle up in flannels, cable-knit sweaters, and thick scarves, gloves, beanies, and coats. Make sure to coordinate colours between crimson, green, white, grey, and navy for a holiday feel.

Other Tips:

  • Consider your home decor. If you’re going to display your photographs in your living room, make sure the colour scheme of your photoshoot and the background compliment your style in your home.
  • Take advantage of accessories. Not only do necklaces, hats, and ties add layers and depth to your outfit, but they can serve as props for interactions during the photoshoot!
  • Avoid patterns, logos, and animated characters. While having these elements on your clothing is a great way to show some personality, these may also appear distracting and loud. This is true, especially if you already have a busy backdrop.
  • When it comes to footwear, wear a pair of shoes you are comfortable enough to run around in. We do not suggest trying on footwear on the day of your photoshoot since these may cause blisters and hinder you from moving around freely. 

Remember, the number one rule is to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. If too tight or too loose, these may appear less flattering instead of complementing your smiles!

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