Newborn Photography in Sydney

Baby-Photoshoot -Package

Seductive Start

$ 300
  • 2-hour photo session
  • 2 outfit changes
  • 10 professionally edited digital photos
  • 2 printed 8x12 photos of your choice

Allure Delight

$ 600
  • 2-hour photo session
  • 20 Printed High-res Images
  • Up to 100 High-res Images on USB +Online link
  • 1 Framed Images
  • 3-4 Outfit Changes
  • 5 printed 8x12 photos of your choice

Ultimate Elegance

$ 850
  • 3-hour photo session
  • 30 professionally edited digital photos
  • Up to 150 High-res on USB + Online link
  • 3-5 Outfit Changes
  • 1 Framed Images
  • 1 Wall portrait on Canvas (100x75cm)

If you are a happy parent of a newborn baby in Sydney then avail the services of newborn photography in Sydney to save the special moments forever. In the following article we will discuss how having affordable newborn photography sydney  with Paul Photography can be beneficial along with a few ideas will make your photo session truly memorable.

Benefits of a Newborn Photography in Sydney with Paul Photography

  1. Good Images: The features of newborn photography in Sydney requires top-notch tools and methods to take shots of every aspect about your newborn; from their small fingers and toes up until their lovely characteristics.

  2. Professional Skills: Selecting a professional newborn photographer in Sydney guarantees the finest possible shots of your baby’s first moments. The specialist knows how to handle and position babies for stunning photos.

  3. Memorable Experience: A natural newborn photography Sydney is an experience that will not fade from your memory because it’s about making memories. The time you spend watching your baby being photographed, wrapped up in cozy blankets and set on cute objects for pictures purposes will be something special to hold onto forever.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Paul Photography values your newborn and wants you to be happy with our photos. Thus, we guarantee satisfaction on every newborn photoshoot in Sydney. If the outcome disappoints you, we’ll work with you to resolve it.

Call Us to Schedule Your Newborn Photoshoot in Sydney

Ready to book your newborn photographer in Sydney with Paul Photography? Call now and we will find an appointment for you. We are committed to giving a smooth and worry-free experience, making sure that both you and your newborn feel at ease during the photo session.

Find an Appointment with Newborn Photography in Sydney

Booking a newborn session at Paul Photography is easy. Fill out the contact form on our website to schedule an appointment. We will schedule a time that works for you and answer any questions.

Why is Paul Photography the Perfect Choice for You?

Experience matters when capturing a newborn’s innocence and beauty. Paul Photography has perfected newborn photography skills for over the years.
Newborn photography by Paul Photography is done by a seasoned professional. Paul Photography’s professional photographers will protect your memories.
Trust underpins all Paul Photography operations. We guarantee satisfaction with your newborn’s photo session.

Why choose us?

You can’t go wrong with affordable newborn photography sydney. It’s a special way to keep those first memories of your baby’s life and Paul Photography is an excellent choice for this job. We have many years of experience, deep knowledge about the field and care for your loved newborn as you do so.


  • Why have a newborn Photoshoot  shoot?
    The moment a newborn enters your life, it becomes a precious and fleeting time that you will want to remember forever. While taking pictures on your phone may capture some special moments, investing in a professional newborn photoshoot ensures that every tiny detail is captured beautifully and professionally.
  • What time is best for newborn photoshoot?
    There is no one right answer to this question as it ultimately depends on you and your newborn baby’s schedule and needs. However, generally, the best time for a newborn photoshoot is within the first two weeks of life. During this time, babies are typically still very sleepy and easy to pose, resulting in those adorable curled-up shots.
  • What is the best age for newborn photography?
    As a professional newborn photographer, I can assure you that the best age for newborn photography is within the first 10-14 days of your baby’s life. During this time, your little one is still sleepy and curly, making it easier to capture those precious poses that will melt your heart every time you look at them.
  • When should i book my new born photoshoot session?
    As soon as possible! We understand that welcoming a new baby into your life can be overwhelming and there are a million things to prepare for. However, booking your newborn photoshoot session ahead of time is highly recommended. This will ensure that you have a guaranteed spot with our professional photographers who specialize in capturing those precious moments of your newborn’s first few weeks. 
  • What about parent photos with the baby?
    At Paul, we believe that capturing the special moments of your family with your newborn is just as important as taking photos of the baby alone. That’s why our professional photographers are skilled in not only photographing newborns but also incorporating parents and siblings into the shoot. We understand that these photos will become treasured memories and we want to help you capture them with our expertise and creativity.
  • Are siblings included?
    Yes, we understand that welcoming a new baby into the family is a special and important moment for everyone, including older siblings. That’s why our newborn photography sydney service also offers the option to include siblings in the photoshoot at no extra cost. We believe that capturing the bond between siblings is just as valuable as capturing your newborn’s first moments.
  • What do I bring with me?
    For the photoshoot, we recommend bringing any sentimental items such as blankets or toys that you want to incorporate into the photos. It’s also a good idea to bring extra diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes for your baby. We will provide props and accessories such as wraps and headbands, but if there’s something special you want to include, feel free to bring it along.
  • What about props for newborn sessions?
    At Paul, we understand that props can add a special touch to your newborn photos and create memorable moments. That’s why our professional photographers have an array of high-quality props available for use during the photoshoot. From cute little hats and headbands to soft blankets and wraps, we have everything needed to make your baby look adorable and comfortable in their photos.
  • Have you had any training with newborns?
    Do you pracAt Paul, our photographers are highly trained and experienced in working with newborns. We understand the delicate nature of handling a newborn and we prioritize the safety and comfort of both the baby and the parents during our photoshoots. Our team goes through rigorous training to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to capture beautiful and timeless images of your newborn. You can trust us to handle your precious bundle of joy with care and expertise.tice newborn safety?

newborn and toddler Photoshoot

Maternity-Photoshoot - Family Couple & New Born Photoshoot
Maternity-Photoshoot - Family Couple & New Born Photoshoot
Maternity-Photoshoot - Family Couple & New Born Photoshoot
Maternity-Photoshoot - Family Couple & New Born Photoshoot
Maternity-Photoshoot - Family Couple & New Born Photoshoot
Maternity-Photoshoot - Family Couple & New Born Photoshoot