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Paul Photographer – Highest Reviewed Studio in Blacktown area

Anyone with a smartphone these days can snap a picture. But it takes a professional photographer to understand composition, lighting, as well as the intricacies that make up the art of photography. As a result, we produce brilliant photos capable of speaking a thousand words, from family portraits to corporate photoshoots and glam shots! So if you reside anywhere in New South Wales, we are the professional photographers you need.
Moreover, our photo editing skills allow us to make the result unique and high-quality. The pictures we take are all dimensional stories lit, styled, and touched up for maximum impact.
With years of experience, Paul Photos strives to retain you as a loyal customer and gives you the right bang for your buck, without any hidden costs! In addition, Paul himself is a patient and creative artist who works personally with you to help you immortalize some of the best moments of your life, such as giving birth or tying the knot, amongst others.
In addition, employing us for your couple, newborn, corporate, and various other portraits ensures a personalized and relaxed photography experience. As owner and lead photographer, Paul, as well as his team, strives to ensure that you can see your photos right after the shoot, pick out the best ones, and share your wonderful life with those you love.


Paul Photographer -Highest Reviewed Studio in Blacktown area

We Have A Keen Eye For Detail
Skilled photographers have a keen eye for detail to make sure that a picture works in harmony. Since 2009, Paul Photos has ensured that the composition, subject, lighting, and other picture elements align to show the real you.
We Are Flexible And Patient
Patience is a virtue, especially in photography, and goes hand in hand with flexibility. Experienced professionals at Paul Photos work with you until you get the perfect shots that you are looking for. We listen to your expectations from the shoot and strive to take pictures that illuminate your vision.
We Are Passionate
What sets Paul apart from numerous photographers out there? His passion. Thus, he recruits professionals who exhibit the same excitement when it comes to taking photos. You can view Paul Photos’ passion in the work we have previously done. It always shines through!
We Are Smart About Pricing

There are numerous factors involved in photography, so we do not have a standard pricing menu. Instead, we will consult with you and create a package that incorporates all your needs and requirements. As experienced professionals, we are accommodating and competitive with the prices we offer.

Moreover, we offer competitive, simple, and straightforward pricing to keep you coming back to us.

You do not have to worry about any sitting fee. Our team of professionals will spend an hour doing your photoshoot, trying to make it as fun as possible. You can even view all the images on our HD screen for your satisfaction and decide how much you want to spend.

Since we believe in making our clients happy, you do not have to pay a single dollar if the photos do not appeal to you. Paul strongly believes that we do not deserve paid if our customers are not 100% satisfied.

So, what are you waiting for? Avail of one of our best packages for just $250! It includes 10 of your best-edited pictures, along with 2 A4 size prints. For a reasonable price, you can also have all the pictures transferred to your USB drive.

In addition, we can personalize our packages depending on your budget and requirements. You will be questioned every step along the way to ensure that the customized package is not only competitive but also accommodating.

We Are Resourceful
Paul Photos dedicates time to your photography needs to yield the best results. We know which questions we should ask to ascertain your expectations. Our technical expertise and willingness to invest resources and time in you allow us to keep you coming back for more!

Paul Photographer - F&Q

1. Where is Paul Photos located?

We operate from 45 Sandringham Avenue, Cambrdige Park, NSW 2747, next to Penrith.

2. Do you allow clients to buy additional photos once the shoot is over?

Yes, we allow you to purchase hard or high-resolution soft copies of your pictures.

3. Do you provide hair and makeup to your clients?

Yes, we have an in-house professional hair and makeup artist. You can avail of their services at a discounted rate but, you need to call and book in advance.

4. Is there parking outside your studio?

In addition to the plenty of street parking available, you can park your vehicle in the studio parking.

5. Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept PayPal, Bank transfers, as well as cash payments. We also offer interest-free installment payment options.

6. What if I do not like my pictures?

In such a case, we will do another shoot for you on our dime. We believe in the 100% satisfaction of all our clients!

7. What if my baby starts to cry during the photoshoot?

We will make sure that your baby settles down or allow you to take a break to attend to their needs.

8. Do you have a changing room?

We have spacious changing rooms, as well as clean toilets, to accommodate our clients.

9. What if I do not know how to pose?

As professionals, it is our job to help you relax. Thus, we will guide you through the various posing styles and bring out the best in you!

10. Do you provide wall portraits?

Whether you want your portrait on canvas, acrylic, glass, or even a traditional photo frame, we will cater to your needs. Moreover, it would be our honor to help you pick one that goes best with your wall.